AE local customized bioreactor/fermenter

Customized production bioreactors/fermentation systems

AE local customized bioreactor/fermenter

Leading process and automation technology transfer from EU

Experienced local mechanical, automation, manufacturing, commission and qualification teams

Proven bioreactor localization and process integration projects in China


  • Customized type: 1000-20000L

  • Optional upstream system (media + centrifuge + harvest) system integration

  • Mammalian cell culture/Microbial fermentation/Other fermentation process

  • Pilot/Clinical GMP production

  • MSAT application

  • Commercial production



The first localized bioreactor project of upstream total DCS control system

  • Seed bioreactor

  • Main production bioreactor

  • Media preparation system

  • Media feeding system

  • Centrifuge control and integration

  • Harvest skid

  • Deep filtration system

  • Upstream CIP systems


ZETA Customized production bioreactors/fermentation systems

  • Core supplier of pharmaceutical process engineering, automation and equipment worldwide

  • Founded in 1989 which have more than 30 years of biopharmaceutical experience

  • Headquartered in Leboch/Graz, Austria, Europe

  • More than 900 employees, including more than 500 engineers

  • Andgel has been working with ZETA for more than 9 years

  • A number of reactor milestones have been completed, all import + localization projects

  • European leading biopharma process engineering and equipment technology

  • Much more GMP commercial reactor cases than the others in European and China

  • The only supplier to provide magnetic agitator in the world for 10000L bioreactor

  • Innovative MSAT bioreactor

  • Advanced skid design and manufacturing quality

  • Leading process automation solutions

  • Complete domestic after-sales service and spare parts supply

World's leading bioreactor scaling up&down technology and process automation solutions, to support any customers needs of biopharma drugs production.



22000Lx4 Antibody bioreactor project

  • Super Skid

  • Dynamic test before delivery

  • Fast delivery and commissioning

  • Customized for commercial production