Innovative Pharmaceutical Still and Pure Steam Generator

  • Innovative Distilled water + Pure steam integrated system

  • Innovative Pure steam generator

  • Innovative Distilled water system

  • Innovative Purified water system

  • Owns core technology and patents of water systems, fully customized water solutions

  • Covering from laboratory to commercial production scale

  • Andgel team has been designing and manufacturing water systems since the 1980s; leading expert as national industry standards drafter for electric heating distilled water system

  • Owns invention patents(ZL201810258411.9) including electric heating, kinetic energy superposition, bidirectional separation etc.


Technical specifications

Distilled Water system

Type Min Max
Steam heating 500kg/h 15000kg/h
Electrical heating 30kg/h 2000kg/h

Pure Steam System

Type Min Max
Steam heating 50kg/h 5000kg/h
Electrical heating 5kg/h 500kg/h


Innovative Purified water + injection water + pure steam overall solution

  • Purified water:
    Preprocessing module, Two-stage reverse osmosis +EDI, CIP station

  • Purified water distribution module

  • Electric heating pure + WFI integrated system

  • WFI distribution skid